Currently, I teach courses in environmental ethics and aesthetics, animals and society, and a human geography field course in the Western Isles of Scotland. In the past, I have taught courses on ethics, applied ethics, aesthetics and the arts, Kant, introduction to philosophy, as well as seminars on subjects such as imagination, Schopenhauer, aesthetics and politics, and philosophy of film.

I established a multidisciplinary masters programme, MSc Environment, Culture, and Society at Edinburgh in 2007, and served as its Programme Director for ten years. It is now being lead by my colleague Nina Morris.

I supervise and have supervised masters and PhD students on a range of topics in areas such as environmental philosophy, aesthetics, Kant, and applied ethics.

Current PhD students:

Nicolai Rostrup The Aesthetics of City Nature (with Nina Morris, Geography)

Amitangshu Acharya Reversing Water’s Nature: The Political Ecology of Reverse Osmosis Technology in Gujurat, India (with Kanchana Ruwanpura, Geography)

Tiago Torres Campos (with Mark Dorrian, Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture)

Sarah Govan, The Past In the Present: to what extent does landscape policy in Scotland accommodate the historic dimension? (with Nina Morris, Geography)

Claire Hamlett,  Environmental Ethics (with Pauline Phemister, Philosophy)

Carlos Portales, Leibniz and the Objectivity of Beauty (with Pauline Phemister, Philosophy)

Clara Soudan (with Michael Northcott, Divinity)

Previous PhD students (Edinburgh only):

Mark Eischeid, Sublime Landscapes: Modernist American Landscape Architecture and the Artificial Infinite (with Iain Boyd Whyte, Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture)

Nicole Hall, Aesthetic Perception, Nature, and Experience

Leslie Mabon, Respect for nature at 200 km/h? Rally driving in Scotland and environmental responsibility

Jonathan Prior, The Role of Aesthetic Value in Ecological Restoration: Cases from the United Kingdom

Therese Yarde, Perceptions of Nature in the Caribbean Island of Dominica


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