Planetary Aesthetics: Environmental Aesthetics for the Earth’s Future. This book project develops a new environmental aesthetic theory in response the interconnected, urgent environmental problems of climate change and biodiversity loss. I develop a pluralist, relational, and intergenerational approach and then explore its implications within the context of multiple earth systems.

Emily Brady, Patrick Cheney, and Philip Hardie, eds. The Oxford Handbook of the Sublime. I am the editor of the ‘Modern’ section, comprised of 16 chapters, and the author of the introduction to the ‘Modern’ section. Under contract.

Aesthetics of nature in eighteenth-century philosophy. This project is so far realized through a series of articles: on Adam Smith’s aesthetic theory here and on Hutcheson and Reid on natural beauty, here.

Aesthetics, Environmental Justice, and Ecological Justice. I’m collaborating with Nicole Hall on this project which examines key questions and issues at the intersection of aesthetics and philosophies of justice as they relate to environmental issues, nature-society relationships, and the more-than-human world. We have published an article in the British Journal of Aesthetics, “Environmental Virtue Aesthetics” (Hall and Brady 2023).

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