My current research projects (in progress) include:

  • Aesthetics Between Nature and Culture (co-authored book with Isis Brook and Jonathan Prior, near completion) – examines aesthetic engagement and values in relation to semi-natural or modified environments shaped by human culture.
  • John Muir and Environmental Philosophy – critically exploring the interaction of aesthetic, spiritual, moral, and scientific ideas and values in Muir’s writings
  • Aesthetics of Nature in the Eighteenth Century: A Philosophical History (monograph). For a couple of my articles that will contribute to the book, see one on Adam Smith’s aesthetic theory here, and one on Hutcheson and Reid on Natural Beauty, here.
  • ‘Intergenerational Aesthetics’ (article) – contribution to the Ancestral Time AHRC project (2013-2016), for which I was a Co-Investigator
  • continuing to develop my interest in interdisciplinary animal studies, considering issues such as autonomy, respect, anthropomorphism and epistemic humility.

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