Aesthetics and Environment: The Big Questions. A keynote lecture that I presented to MantovaArchitettura 2021.

Global Climate Change and Aesthetics. A talk presented to the Scottish Aesthetics Forum. This talk is based on my article, “Global Climate Change and Aesthetics.” I first wrote about aesthetics and climate change in an article published in 2014, “Aesthetic Value, Ethics and Climate Change.”

Earth to Philosophy Podcast on aesthetics and climate change and other topics, produced and hosted by Claire Hamlett and Andrea Gammon.

Au Nom de la Beauté (Belgique, 2019): a wonderful film about natural beauty and environmental protection, by Pascale Smeesters and Bao Dang.

My Research in a Nutshell film (University of Edinburgh).

An interview with Society and Space about my book The Sublime in Modern Philosophy.

A favorite philosophy podcast: Myisha Cherry’s Unmute Podcast 

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